Pennsylvania ACDA Board of Directors: 2016-2017

Executive Board: 2016-2017

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Matthew Fritz

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Carol Grey

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Choral Music Development
Peter de Mets

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Randy Yoder

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Continuing Education
Regina Gordon

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President-Elect Designate
Caron Daley

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Susan Medley

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Website & Polyphony
Shaun Cloonan

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Walter Wells

Repertoire and Resources Chairs: 2016-2017

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Youth Repertoire and Resources
Liz Colpo

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Life-Long Music Repertoire and Resources
Maura Underwood

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Collegiate Repertoire and Resources
Jason Vodicka

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Ensemble-Specific Repertoire and Resources
Matt Erpelding

Interested in serving on the Board? Please contact Matt Fritz, president of ACDA-PA

Changes to the ACDA-PA Board of Directors: August 2016

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The ACDA-PA Board voted on August 2, 2016 to modify the Board Structure to streamline our activities and to put us in compliance with the National organization’s structural requirements. The new structure will have 15 and is shown above. Committee chairpersons will be assigned to each of the four "Repertoire and Resource" areas: Youth, Collegiate, Life-Long, and Ensemble Specific." The graphic below shows the structure as well as the make-up of each committee.

The Board believes these changes, which drastically shrinks the size of our Board of Directors, will allow more stream-lined and efficient communication, clearer responsibilities all while maintaining communication with the various constituencies that make up our association.

As chairpersons are recruited to fill these R&R positions, the website will be updated. Please check in with the website as we move toward this new structure.

As always, please let me know if you have questions or concerns.
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Repertoire & Resource areas: Youth, Life-Long, Collegiate, and Repertoire-Specific [we’ve changed that to “Ensemble-Specific” for clarity]. Under each of these four “umbrellas” will exist representatives from various constituencies. See the chart to the right for a visual representation (click to enlarge).